Application Note 1027_a: OpenLM Agent Installation and Configuration


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OpenLM Utilizer Agent

The OpenLM Utilizer Agent is the end user tool of the OpenLM system. It completes the OpenLM license monitoring tool from the End user’s point of view. It provides end users the following capabilities:

  • Query license availability.
  • Check which users are holding required licenses.
  • View a user’s full set of details as they appear on the LDAP, and communicate with users regarding license availability.
  • Receive license availability notifications as soon as requested licenses become available.
  • Report the session’s active project (mainly for billing purposes).

OpenLM Active Agent

The Active Agent incorporates all the characteristics of the Utilizer Agent. On top of that, it supports an extension that enables system administrators to shut down open applications either manually, or by defining a timeout policy. In this manner, system administrators can suspend or save and close idle applications, in order to make more efficient use of licenses. The Active Agent features a user-friendly interface that enables users to quickly reopen closed applications, or resume suspended ones.


Download and save the Openlm Utilizer or Active Agent MSI installation file from the Download section of OpenLM’s site. Double-click it, and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

When installing the Active Agent, the Extensions “OpenLM Extensions” dialog window appears.

The user may either:

  • Select to install the appropriate software extensions, thus ruling an idle application to be treated in the “Save and Close” method, or
  • Select NOT to install the appropriate software extensions, thus ruling an idle application to be treated in the “Suspend and Resume” method, even though it is an “Extension Supported” application.

For more information on Extension-Enabled applications, please refer to “Application Note 1005: Configuring OpenLM to close idle Licenses”.

At the end of the installation process, in the “Agent Configuration” dialog window, type in the OpenLM server with which the Agent is required to connect, and click the “Apply” button. The Installation is now complete, can be changed at any time (see below).

After installing:

The OpenLM Agent icon appears on the “system tray”.
OpenLM Agent in a connected state:
OpenLM Agent in a disconnected state:

Agent Configuration


  • Right click on the agent icon and select ‘OpenLM Agent Configuration’. The Agent configuration window opens.
  • Select the Agent’s language.
  • Type in the OpenLM server name or IP.
  • Type in the OpenLM server port. This is by default 7012.
  • Click the “Check connectivity to OpenLM server” button.

Advanced settings:

  • Logger Configuration File: Type in the location of the Agent Log File.
  • Logging Level: Adjust the Agent’s logging level.
  • Skip Double Instances Alert: This option either enables or blocks alerts when trying to open two agent sessions simultaneously. This option is set active by default.
  • Use Local Computer’s Proxy Settings: This setting may solve issues that originate using a proxy server. This option is set inactive by default.
  • Shut Agent when products Are inactive… : These parameters are relevant for VM servers. When OpoenLM closes a licensed application, the VM (e.g: Citrix) is kept in use by the workstation, unnecessarily consuming a license. This configuration shuts down the OpenLM Agent after INACTIVITY_TIME, thus releasing the VM license.

The OpenLM Java Agent window

The OpenLM Agent window shows the Feature usage status, per License Server, Vendor and User name. Individual user data is also available through the Agent; Just click a chart line to get more information on the user who is currently occupying the license.

Revision 0.1, Apr29 2012.

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