Application Note 1035: Configuring OpenLM v1.7 to interface EasyCopy License Manager


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OpenLM supports the monitoring of a wide variety of license managers such as Flexera FlexLM (Flexnet), Beta LM, IBM LUM, DSLS, Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, Reprise RLM, and LM-X.

This application note elaborates the steps required to configure OpenLM to interface the EasyCopy License Manager, and obtain reliable license reports and usage statistics. This capability is available for Easycopy versions 8.7.12 onward.

OpenLM Server configuration

In order to configure OpenLM to monitor an EasyCopy License Manager, The OpenLM Server must be configured as follows:

  • Click the ‘Add’ button.
  • Set the LM Type to ‘Other’
  • Set the License server’s Time zone (e.g.: Central Time)
  • Type in the Hostname (e.g. easycopy_lm) or IP of the EasyCopy License server.
  • The port number is insignificant here. Type in any number (e.g.: 123). Note that the same number will need to be used in the OpenLM Broker configuration as well (see below).
  • Click the ‘Apply’ and “Restart now” buttons.

OpenLM Broker Configuration

After setting the OpenLM server, the Broker needs to be configured as follows:

  • Please refer to the Application Note 1004: OpenLM Broker quick start guide document for general Broker configuration. In the example below – the OpenLM server hostname was set as openlm_server, the OpenLM Broker port was maintained at its default 7016.
  • The license server characteristics are set exactly as they were on the OpenLM Server configuration tool: The type is set to ‘Other’, the name to easycopy_lm, and the port to 123.
  • Type in the EasyCopy command line in the Broker’s “data_inquiry” command text box. The command is “eclic openlm” and it needs to be run from the location of the eclic.exe path.
  • Click the ‘Apply’ and “Restart Broker” buttons.
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