Autodesk’s “Undiscovered Territory” game to boost training of 3Ds Max


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A new fun way of learning Geography and training with Autodesk’s 3Ds Max was recently launched by Autodesk on their site. It’s called the “Undiscovered Territory” game, and it is in fact a contest between users to win a license for the Entertainment Creation Suite.

The game is run on the AutoDesk ‘Area’ forum, so you need to sign in first to become a member.

The game is an eight chapter mission-based adventure game, through which the players complete 3Ds Max design tasks, submit finished files, get their passports ‘signed’ and move on to the next mission.

The game begins with a missions in Coimbra, Portugal, and moves to different locations as the game progresses. This is what the mission page looks like:


The 1st mission requires turning a concept sketch into precise 3Ds Max layout.

Every mission is accompanied with a video tutorial, further enhancing specific 3Ds Max expertise.


I admit I haven’t progressed much myself yet, but it seems like a refreshing way of training: small tasks each time, and enjoying the scenery on the way.

Ori Kaplan, OpenLM

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