Support & Professional Services Policy & Annual Maintenance Fee – Update


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We would like to inform you about some important changes with regard to OpenLM Support & Professional Services policy, and the Annual Maintenance Fee.

It is very humbling for us to see you continue to use OpenLM, in many cases for over a decade now.

We have always been committed to delivering the best customer service to our customers, as you have probably noticed. Our Support department has consistently received high ratings from you.

Throughout the years, the OpenLM products developed and became much more complex, both as a result of accommodating the requests of our customers and also in an effort to keep up with constantly changing industry requirements.

We did our best to deliver the same quality of support, whether it was paid for by maintenance or by subscription for a long period of time. It has been a pleasant experience; we learned and have delivered a lot.

Change in ‘Support & Professional Services’ policy:

OpenLM is now an enterprise-level system intertwined with a wide variety of customer environments. It is sometimes extremely resource-intensive to integrate numerous enterprise systems while maintaining high security standards. As a result, we must change our policy in order to maintain the level of support you are accustomed to.

This change in policy is due to the fact that OpenLM can no longer commit to providing online sessions to our customers as part of their maintenance or subscription costs.

We are moving toward a system where a Professional Service contract with OpenLM is required for OpenLM to provide Live Support through online sessions beginning on May 1st, 2022. As before, our Support department will be happy to assist you with guides, knowledgebase articles, and workarounds, as well as gather input, feedback, logs, and bugs, but only through email and chat. The change is applicable to all current and new customers.

In order to make the transition easier to you, our loyal customers, we will grant 1x 60 minutes or 2x 30 minutes live support to each customer under a valid maintenance contract. 

Change in “Annual Maintenance Fee”:

Our maintenance prices have remained the same for 10 years without changing. Our ability to maintain and deliver the same quality product is no longer feasible.

Starting May 15, 2022, we are increasing the Annual Maintenance fee by 5%. For each customer, the increase will be applied at the end of the current maintenance period.

Obviously, it is not easy to hear about an extra price commitment required, but we need to make this change in order to be able to commit to maintaining the same level of quality and service as you are used to.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above changes, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is more than happy to discuss this with you.

You may contact us directly through the usual channels at or or write to me directly at

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