Configuring OpenLM to monitor the AMP License Manager


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OpenLM version 2.0 supports license monitoring of a wide, and ever growing variety of license managers. We have recently added several license managers to our portfolio, and wish to notify our users.

One of these new license managers is AMP. This document elaborates the steps required to configure OpenLM to interface the AMP License Manager, and obtain reliable license reports and usage statistics. In a nutshell, the AMP license server is periodically queried for license usage. The response to that query is produced as an XML file, which OpenLM parses. OpenLM then presents the usage results in its EasyAdmin web application.

OpenLM Server configuration

In order to configure OpenLM to monitor a AMP License Manager, The OpenLM Server must be configured as follows:

  • Click ‘Add’
  • Set the LM Type to OpenLM Generic
  • Set the License server’s Time zone (e.g.: Istanbul UTC+2)
  • Type in the Hostname (e.g. amp_lm) or IP of the AMP License server. Note that the same name will need to be used in the OpenLM Broker configuration as well (see below)
  • The port number is provided by AMP is 2306. Note that the same number will need to be used in the OpenLM Broker configuration as well (see below)
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Restart now’


OpenLM Broker Configuration

Please refer to the OpenLM Broker Comprehensive guide document for general Broker configuration:

Application Note (3004a) OpenLM v2.0: OpenLM Broker Quick Reference guide version

Application Note (3004b): OpenLM v2.0: Broker Comprehensive Installation Guide

  • Set the OpenLM server hostname was (e.g.: openlm_server)
  • Set the OpenLM Broker port number (e.g.: maintained at its default value 7016).
  • The license server characteristics are set exactly as they were on the OpenLM Server configuration tool: the name is set to “AMP_lm”, and the port to 2306
  • Type in the AMP command line in the Broker’s “data_inquiry” command text box. The command is: “<Full path to AMP_OpenLM.exe>”.
  • Click ‘Execute’ to check the operation of the Data Inquiry
  • Do the same for the ‘status’ command.
  • Set the Vendor name to AMP YAZILIM (case sensitive)
  • Click ‘Apply’ and “Restart Broker”



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