Debugging Agent OpenLM Connectivity Issues


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The purpose of this guide is to outline the method to debug an OpenLM Agent connectivity issues. Such issues may occur when implementing OpenLM Agent on many workstations in a complex environment such as WAN networks.

OpenLM Utilizer Agent empowers the end user and by that allows organizations to make their end user more effective and to save administration costs. The agent provide these capabilities:
Query license availability – Check the availability of any supports license manager from the end user workstation: FLEXlm, FLEXnet, IBM LUM, Safenet HASP, Safenet RMS, RLM and more. The user can also see who is using the needed license and to query the user details as synchronized with the organization Active Directory.
Get license availability notifications – When a user is trying to get a license and getting a FLEXlm license denial OpenLM Server will send him a notification when the requested feature becomes available.
OpenLM Active Agent – OpenLM Active Agent is also able to release idle licenses for systems such as ESRI Desktop ArcGIS and Autodesk systems. This advance capability help companies to serve the same amount of licenses that they already have to a lot more users.

OpenLM install package is provided as an MSI that also supports silent install. The MSI parameters are listed in our blog. The agent requirements are listed in our system requirements page. System administrators can easily distribute the agent to many end users.

OpenLM indicated connectivity problems by turning the OpenLM Agent that shows in the Windows tray in grey.

The best debugging tool is OpenLM Agent log file. The Agent is writing a detailed log files that contains events and messages. Checking the log allows system administrators to analyse connectivity problems by themselves or to send the log to OpenLM Support Team. By default the logger is writing ERROR level messages and by accessing the OpenLM configuration form the user can set the level to ALL. Using ALL logging level is very helpful in debugging complex issues. The Agent debug files are typically located in the user APPLICATION DATA folder.

Complex issues may also require us to check the server log files. This allows us to know is messages are sent and received between the Server and Agent.

Most of the problems are related to different network issues. These issues can range from a closed port on the OpenLM server, DNS issues, wrong server address/port and others.

The proposed actions when debugging connectivity issues are:
1. Make sure that the correct server name/port combination is used.
2. Make sure that the Agent can connect to the server using the “Check Connectivity” button located on the Agent configuration form.
3. Check the Agent log file, can you see any communication errors? These are error as received from the OS and it should be sufficient in order to locate the issue.
4. Log into OpenLM Customer Support system and open a new issue. Please provide the log file and other relevant details such as: OpenLM Server Version, OpenLM Agent Version, operating system, network type, server location, agent location and more. The system allows customers to set there issue as private when posting confidential information.

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