Delcam switches from FLEXlm licensing to SafeNet Sentinel RMS


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Delcam is a UK based software vendor that produces CAD/CAM solutions for manufacturing industry. Delcam provides software that helps companies to take a complex-shaped products from concept to reality.

On September 2010 Delcam announced that FLEXlm licensing won’t be supported in all Delcam’s 2011 series products: “FLEXlm network licensing is no longer supported by Delcam so all 2011 series products will now use Sentinel RMS network licensing. If you are a FLEXlm licence customer, please contact your local Delcam Sales Partner to request your new Sentinel RMS license before downloading FeatureCAM 2011.”

Delcam also explains that the new “RMS Network” can emulate FLEXlm environment and this helps to reduce the implementation costs. OpenLM Utilizer software version 1.6 and higher supports FLEXlm and Sentinel RMS alongside with other license managers like: IBM LUM, RLM and more. Users of OpenLM Software can switch between the license managers easily while preserving all the functionality related to license management:

  • Same management tools for system administrators.
  • Same end user interface.
  • Same reporting and charting interface (FLEXlm, FLEXnet, Sentinel RMS)
  • Same support level for license usage billing between cost centers.
  • Etc…

For more information about OpenLM Software please see: –

For more information on the Sentinel RMS Network Licence see:-

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