Duplicate Entries in the FLEXlm debug log


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We recently received reports about duplicate user sessions reported by OpenLM. For example, in the Maptek software that uses FLEXlm (FlexNet Publisher) software for licensing.

Checking the FLEXlm debug log file we have found that the duplicate entries are created by the MAPTEK vendor.

6:15:30 (MAPTEK) IN: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
6:15:32 (MAPTEK) IN: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
6:15:35 (MAPTEK) OUT: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
6:15:37 (MAPTEK) IN: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
6:15:39 (MAPTEK) OUT: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
6:16:40 (MAPTEK) OUT: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
8:03:04 (MAPTEK) IN: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s
8:17:28 (MAPTEK) IN: “GTCH_1” user1@nml11d7w1s

The user only started one session of the software but at the last four entries we clearly see that the MAPTEK vendor daemon reported two overlapping sessions.

This information is included in OpenLM reports only when OpenLM Broker software is installed on the FLEXlm license server. OpenLM Broker software is designed to read the license manager debug log files and to push the information to OpenLM Server.

OpenLM Team is planning to include a solution to duplicate usage records in the near future.

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