The New ArcGIS Pro 1.2 Will Offer Floating Licenses


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Esri is releasing a new Pro version of ArcGIS, the leading geographic information system. This version, 1.2, now supports floating licenses. See what’s new in this version here.

ArcGIS Pro, which used to offer only Named User licensing through the web, now supports Single Use and, more interestingly, Concurrent licensing. According to Esri, “with Concurrent licensing, a given number of licenses are hosted on a License Manager… ArcGIS Pro is then configured to allow organization members to check out an available license from the pool of licences hosted on the License Manager.”

We believe this is a welcome change. This new model simplifies the licensing, returns the control to the customers, and enables them to manage the licenses according to their organizational culture and needs. Customers will now be able to use software license management systems to actively manage their ArcGIS Pro licenses in a more efficient way.

You’re welcome to download our white paper that includes license usage benchmarks for ArcGIS and other engineering applications. We also recently reviewed the actual license usage of ArcGIS here.

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