Flexnet Publisher (FlexLM) Debug logs for single vendors


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Closing in on specific vendor daemons

When controlling several license vendors on a single server, it is a bit difficult to zoom in on a debug messages that originate from a single vendor. Debug logs’ contents may be split and redirected to separate files, making it easier to concentrate on a specific vendor daemon’s  activity. This can be done in one of three methods:


Setting the DEBUGLOG line in the options file for each vendor daemon.


DEBUGLOG [+] debug_log_path

This line specifies a location for the debug log output from the vendor daemon associated with the specific options file. Preceding the debug_log_path with a ‘+’ sign would append the logging information rather than overriding the file each time the License server is restarted


Invoking the lmutil command with the lmswitch on the vendor daemon.


lmutil lmswitch vendor_name debug_log

This will set debug_log as the designated file for the vendor_name daemon.


In the case of lmadmin – this can be done on the Vendor Daemon Configuration screen.


OpenLM makes use of the information in the debug log to accumulate and refine the license usage and license denial statistical data.

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