Clear OpenLM EasyAdmin cookie in Internet explorer 8 and Firefox


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As part of the upgrade to version 1.6 of OpenLM we have changed some of the columns names in EasyAdmin interface. Since the browser is cashing applications such as EasyAdmin user the switch from older version may experience display problems in EasyAdmin.

The solution is to clear the cache of the browser. It’s an action that needs to be done once.

Please keep in mind that deleting the cache may cause problems such as:
– Losing

Delete OpenLM Cookie in IE8 (windows vista and above)

At the “Tools” menu navigate to “Internet Options”.
Click on “settings” button on “Browsing History” section:

At the “Temporary Internet Files and History Settings” click “View files” button:

At the explorer window, which is opened at
“C:Users<User Name>AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet Files”
look for a file with the name: “cookie:<user name>@<openlm server location>/”.
For example – if the user name is smith and OpenLM is installed at the local computer, search for “cookie:smith@localhost/”.
When you find it – delete it.

If you can’t find this file, continue to the next step:

At windows explorer, open “Organize” menu and select “Folders and search options”:

At “Folder Options” window move to “View” TAB and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. Answer “Yes” at the warning and click “OK”.

Now navigate to: C:Users<user name>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsCookiesLow  and look there for the file with the name: “cookie:<user name>@<openlm server location>/”. When you find it – delete it.

After you finished, don’t forget to re-check “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”

Delete OpenLM Cookies in FF

Tools –> Options –> Privacy

Change to “Use custom settings for history” at the combo box and click “Show Cookies…”

At the title, search for the OpenLM site (for example – if OpenLM is installed on current machine – search for “localhost”)

Find the required cookie (see list below) and click “Remove Cookie”.

Cookie name Settings
ys-licensePackageGrid Licenses TAB
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