How to set a test OpenLM Version 1.7 installation


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This guide describes the process of checking OpenLM Version 1.7 with your existing database in test environment.
The process consists of several steps:

  1. Set testing environment
  2. Install OpenLM Server on test environment
  3. Migrate Your DB on test environment
  4. Run OpenLM 1.7 and start checking

Set testing environment

In order to set testing environment, select a workstation or a server that is not the same machine that has OpenLM production installed.
Testing machine can be any workstation with Windows XP or higher or a server running Window 2003 R2 server or higher.

Before  installing, be sure to have a backup of the production database file – OPENLM_DB.GDB, which is typically located under “C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Serverdb”. After copying, rename the file extension to FDB so it will be called “OPENLM_DB.FDB”. We are changing the DB file extension in order to improve the performance.

If you use external database (Oracle or SQL Server) with your OpenLM system, create a copy of your production schema/database for testing upgrade process.

Install OpenLM Server on test environment

Download OpenLM Server Version 1.7 here and install it on test machine. During the installation OpenLM installer will open the configuration form, don’t configure it, leave everything as is and click close. We will get the configuration automatically after upgrading the existing DB.

After installation, stop OpenLM Server windows service and replace the default database with the copy you made earlier. The database is typically located in the following folder: “C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Serverdb”.

Don’t restart OpenLM Server windows service and move on to the next step.

Migrate Your DB on test environment

Run “Start” → “OpenLM” → “Server” → “Upgrade Database from Earlier Versions”
Upgrade process should take several seconds to several minutes depending on the size of your database.

If you are using OpenLM with an external database, download the appropriate database upgrade script from OpenLM Downloads area and upgrade the test schema/database.
Before restarting OpenLM Server windows service, be sure to configure OpenLM Server (using “OpenLM DB Configuration”) to reference the test schema/database.

Run OpenLM 1.7 and start checking

Now start OpenLM Server windows service.

Using OpenLM EasyAdmin and OpenLM Server configuration form the upgraded system should show the exact configuration as your production system.

Supplement: Version 1.7 highlights

License server configuration – OpenLM 1.7 supports the concept of a virtual license server and by that provides better support to FLEXlm triad configuration and allows OpenLM users to set a name to each license server. This functionality is very important for organization that has many ports on the same license server.
Active Directory integration – We have improved the grouping by allowing REGEX filtering to the “By Attribute” grouping capability.
Desktop like interface – There are no tabs anymore. Every OpenLM tool is a Window on a desktop.
EasyAdmin Filtering – A better collapsible filters.
Localization – OpenLM EasyAdmin and OpenLM Agent now supports localization.
Improved Charting – Charting is better, try to interact with it.
New Agent – A modern interface was applied to the Agent. Try the support for additional languages.

Please test common actions that you usually use and send us your feedback.


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