License manager ports: FlexLM, DSLS, IBM LUM, LM-X, Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, Reprise RLM


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Licensed applications communicate with license management tools over predefined ports. system administrators need to know these port numbers, verify that these ports are open and communication via these ports is kept functional.

The OpenLM Utilizer tool interfaces various license managers in order to extract license statistics and usage reports. The license manager ports are different for each tool as elaborated below, and need to be configured correctly in the OpenLM modules.

How do I know the port I need is open for communication ?

The simplest method for verifying that a port is open for communication is by ‘Telnet’. The Telnet utility comes built in Windows XP, but needs to be installed on Windows 7. Open a command line prompt, and type in the following line: telnet <Hostname or IP> <Port number>. For example:
> telnet 27000 or > telnet My_Hostname 27000
If the cmd window remains blank, the port is open. Otherwise, an error string would appear.
In such a case, it is suggested to do the following:
1. Make a port exception in FireWall, or temporarily disable it altogether, to ascertain whether the Firewall is to blame.
2. Temporarily disable the Antivirus, to ascertain the same.
3. If a hostname was inserted in the command line, try typing in an IP instead.
4. Try a different port, or ‘ping’ the server:

Specific license management tools

Flexera FlexLM ports:

The OpenLM license monitoring tool provides unique abilities for monitoring and controlling Flex-enabled applications. The FlexLM ( Flexnet ) license manager communicates through ports 2080 and 27000 to 27009. In order to verify which ports are used, please read this short post.
The ports may also be altered, and set up statically by the system administrator.

Dassault Systemes DSLS ports:

DSLS employs three ports for License management:

  1. Administration port: default 4084. Connecting the License Administration Tool GUI to the Server.
  2. Licensing Port: default 4085. Used by clients to request licenses.
  3. Failover port: default 4086.Used for communication among cluster members.

IBM LUM ports:

LUM Network Client and Server communicate over UDP protocol on Network License Server port (by default 1515).

LM-X ports:

LM-X Network Clients and Servers communicate through port 6200 (default) over TCP.

Sentinel HASP ports:

The Sentinel HASP License Manager uses port 1947 to transfer data over TCP and UDP protocols.

Sentinel RMS ports:

  • The Sentinel RMS License Manager uses port 5093 to transfer data over UDP between Servers and clients.
  • Port 5099 is used for intercommunication between servers in a Server Redundancy constellation.

Reprise RLM port:

RLM uses port 5054. It was port 9000 prior to RLM version 6.

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