OpenLM Agent Maintenance Release Version


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The OpenLM Agent version is a maintenance release to version 1.8. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions. We  recommend that users of previous 1.8 Agent versions to whom these problems may be relevant upgrade their system to this version.

Date of release:

Nov 08, 2013

Upgrading the OpenLM Server


OpenLM Agent version is available for download on the OpenLM site.

After filling in your name and email, you would be directed to the download section. Select the OpenLM Version 1.8 section, and then click to download the OpenLM Agent.


In order to upgrade to version, just install the new version on top of the older one. You can either do this manually or by silent installation:

Application Note 2023: OpenLM Agent Silent installation

What’s new in OpenLM Agent version

Feature #1213: OpenLM Agent doesn’t closing idle Matlab sessions unless the  workspace is not manually saved by the user.

What’s new in OpenLM Agent version

Feature #1246: Several issues considering the ArcGIS licensing level selection tool.

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