OpenLM All License Parser Release Version 1.9


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2015-03-04 21_43_47-OpenLM license parser (FLEXlm_FLEXnet license files, debug log and more)OpenLM is proud to announce version 1.9 of This release of the parser focuses on our users feedback as well as many infrastructure improvements.
The main feature of version 1.9 is the ability to sign-up to the service. Signing up allows us to remove the limitation of 10,000 rows to log files.

We continue to support additional formats. This version add support to SlickEdit license log format. SlickEdit is a cross-platform, multi-language editor for programmers that supports concurrent licenses.

We also support the Sentiel Super Pro license manager license manager from safenet and improved the support for the LM-X log file format.

We would like to thank AllLicenseParser users for using the service and for spreading the word. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and requests for additional functionality.

This is the full list of modifications:

– 0002835: [General] LM-X log file summary and other info.

– 0002715: [General] Authentication and user registration.

– 0002845: [General] Ignore garbage when parsing XML files.

– 0002826: [General] Parse SlickEdit stats output.

– 0002834: [General] LM-X log parser failed to recognize file data.

– 0002827: [General] Parser failed on a SlickEdit license log file.

– 0002332: [General] additional information to report summary.

– 0002790: [General] Invalid line: [flexlm_operations, 6504, 1, 0, 0].

– 0002773: [General] Autodesk FlexLM log conflicted with lmutil license info pattern.

– 0002807: [General] Error in the feature grabber.

– 0002700: [General] SLM – Sentinel SuperPro log.

– 0002749: [General] DSLS issues.

– 0002746: [General] OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space.

The service is available at:

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