OpenLM Broker Maintenance Release Version


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The OpenLM Broker version is a maintenance release to version 2.0. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions.


OpenLM Broker version is only comatible with the OpenLM Server version 2.0 and higher.

Upgrading the OpenLM Broker


OpenLM Broker version is available for download on the OpenLM site.


In order to upgrade to version, just install the new version on top of the older one.

For more information – please see this Application Note:

Application Note (3004b) OpenLM v2.0: Broker Comprehensive Installation Guide

What’s new in OpenLM Broker (May  19, 2014)


– 0001772: [Config Tool] Recording time should be in minutes, not hours – resolved.

– 0001798: [Config Tool] There is no way to change the Port description text in the configuration tool. – resolved.

– 0001662: [Config Tool] Broker config tool: bad prompt – resolved.

– 0001844: [Config Tool] Broker config tool on Linux do not load – resolved.

– 0001842: [Config Tool] Can’t read or select long full name of license file – resolved.


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