OpenLM Cloud v21.9 and OpenLM Server on-premise v5.6 –  What is new?


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What is new this week? We at OpenLM are very happy to announce the release of the OpenLM Cloud v21.9 and OpenLM on-premise v5.6.8

Upon the request of our valued customers, we commit to deliver continuous development and updates to our software.

The latest version adds exciting new features, as well as fixes to some previously reported issues by our customers. The following is an overview of the exciting new features available with  versions 21.9 and 5.6.8

The main new features:

OpenLM Cloud – Support for OKTA IDP

By implementing the OKTA Authentication method upon the request from our customers, we facilitate appropriate levels of access and security according to the latest state-of-art industry standards:

“Additional Key” field in the License Procurement report

A new column with important information has been added in the License Procurement report – “Additional Key”. This is a relevant feature for the  DSLS to be able to identify licenses and their expiration date for different pools of the same license which are assigned to different territories.

Feature Usage Per User/Group table report –  export it to CSV at your convenience

Manipulate your data as you know the best! Now you can export the Feature Usage Per User or the Feature Usage Per Group in CSV format. You get the data you need in your own preferred way!

Monitor Office 365 and Autodesk Cloud behind Proxy

Organizations worldwide aim to comply with state-of-art tendencies related to security matters.
We also do so and care about offering solutions for our customers to feel safe and compliant.
Now we made it possible to monitor Office 365 and Autodesk Cloud, albeit secured via proxy.

New feature – License Files window – View & Download

With the privileges of an administrator, you now have access to a large spectrum of data and actions:

List of license files:

  • License Server name
  • License Server type
  • Date received in OpenLM
  • Path 
  • Content of the license file
  1. Filter license files by License Server name 
  2. Download license file

OpenLM Server v5.6.8 Maintenance Release -What is new?

  •  “Export to CSV” possibility for Feature Usage Per User and Feature Usage Per Group reports
  • Added column “Additional Key” to License Procurement Report
  • Users are being removed from groups after deployment of the Options file from OpenLM
  •  The server does not recognize DSLS Feature due to extreme long feature name

For more information read/check out the release  Here.

Upgrade recommendation

  • Despite the meliorations in the v5.6, we recommend that all users of OpenLM versions make a step towards embracing the latest version 21.
  • Please contact our support department whenever you feel ready!


Stay tuned for more!


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