The OpenLM team is proud to present version 6 of OpenLM for Cloud.

This version introduces major changes in OpenLM infrastructure. This is a major step in our road map to be more scalable, more secure, and more open.

Version 5 focused on transforming OpenLM Server to be multi-platform software. Version 6 continues this trend and holds significant enhancements in other areas such as:

  1. Moving the whole OpenLM suite of products to work on Linux platform. One of the most expected options by our customers willing to use OpenLM Cloud is offered by this new version which provides a new cloud environment completely based on Linux. 
  2. Easy and secure identification – OpenLM Identity Service is a brand new identity provider, based on the OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols. All components are identified by token produced by this service.
  3. New features and components available. The old SAAS management system is now replaced by other components. Most of the configuration screens were moved into easyadmin UI and will be also used later by our on-prem version. A new thin management layer is introduced and it provides registration and basic management. This new layer will evolve to supply local administration and billing.
  4. Continue developing open platform options.  RESTful APIs – we continue our ongoing effort to supply authenticated developers with a set of RESTful APIs targeting an open platform.

OpenLM Cloud environment 

Below you can see a rough sketch of the OpenLM Cloud environment


OpenLM Identity Provider – identifies end users and clients

OpenLM Server – our main engine that processes and persists License Managers data into a uniformed format

ServiceNow integration Service – is the connector to our ServiceNow users

Directory Synchronization Service – is the connector to customers’ directory services. Arriving soon to the cloud more powerful than ever, also supporting cloud directory synchronization.

OpenLM Brokers – are data collectors which are installed on customers site


By the end of this quarter we will also introduce:

OpenLM Logs-Uploader – to support customers who wish an installation-free subscription. Using this track allows manual upload of debug-logs instead of installing OpenLM Brokers on the customer site.

OpenLM Agents for Cloud – to enable license harvesting and idle sessions tracking and maximize license utilization

How to continue?

Existing cloud customers will now directly login to OpenLM UI on Management of existing license managers and configuration of new ones is now done in the easyadmin administration menu. 

Existing customers will receive email with their new account details and a link to Broker installation (supports new security)

New users are welcome to register and evaluate OpenLM for Cloud on


Please feel free to contact OpenLM Support with any questions or requests.

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