OpenLM New License Policy


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The current OpenLM License Harvesting solution is limited in the number of applications that are supported. Since the beginning of 2020 we are facing a growing demand to add support to additional applications in different engineering fields.

We have invested substantial efforts in upgrading our license harvesting infrastructure so that it will be able to support a greater number of applications.

However, we noticed that with the growing number of requests that we were receiving, we were in need of a pricing model that would tie the cost to the actual use of the software and the value to the customer.. 

Reusable Token Licensing

We have decided that reusable tokens licensing fits all our requirements and that it is the best fit for OpenLM Agent functionality. Tokens will function as money and will enable OpenLM Agent functionality like “Save & Close”, “Suspend & Resume”, and so on.

Reusable token licensing provides many benefits to our users:

  • Simple and clear licensing model
  • Maximum flexibility, use the same tokens to manage any application
  • Complete management monitoring, reporting and optimization for the token licensing


Complete management monitoring, reporting and optimization: Following the switch to token licensing, our customers will have the best available license management capabilities, as offered by our platform, to our own licensing.

This includes ongoing monitoring and management capabilities. As usage data will be accumulated in OpenLM be available for historical reporting. Our user can always optimize the 

Token consumption by changing OpenLM configuration and divert token use for the most important purpose. 

Harvesting OpenLM Tokens

We stay true to our vision, and OpenLM will automatically harvest OpenLM Tokens when not in use. When an application is closed, either by the user or by the OpenLM license harvesting functionality, OpenLM harvests the consumed Tokens and allows other users to consume them.

How does it work?

Each customer using license harvesting will have a token license pool. Each application that the user enables license harvesting for, will require tokens, when executed by the users.

The user can decide which applications will be managed by license harvesting policy. Token will only be consumed for the selected applications. 

When the token pool is exhausted and no tokens are available, users will still be able to execute the application, but this will not be handled by the user license harvesting policy.

The system is flexible and at any time the customer can decide to shift the use of the same tokens in order to manage another application. 

The “token cost” of each software functionality is clearly presented to the customer in the OpenLM Licensing window.

New Licensing Scope

The initial scope of the licensing change is the active agent functionality that is currently licensed as a user named licensing.

This includes the following functionality:

  • Save & Close functionality 
  • Suspend & Resume functionality
  • Agent procedures
  • Actual usage 

Agent Token Consumption Policy

Tokens will be consumed once the users start the process that is managed by OpenLM Agent, as configured by the customer. The tokens are released back to the license pool once the process is closed, for any reason, either the user is closing the software or it was closed by OpenLM.


From Jan 2021 OpenLM Active Agent functionality will be licensed by our new Reusable Token licensing. This licensing enables maximum flexibility to our customers and will allow us to work closely with our customer to support more applications.

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