OpenLM License Parser version 1.13 – What is new?


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We are very happy to announce version 1.13 of OpenLM License Parser. The main new functionality in this new version is:

– Better FlexLM Debug Log date handling.

– SeisWare CSV log file format supported

– LS-DYNA LSTC log and license file formats supported.

– Closed sessions are in a grid

– Added registration capability

– Fix for false detection of a tab separated data such as lmutil file format

Registration to the system now allows user to upload very big debug log file, removing the limitation of 10,000 rows. It also allows users to compare their performance to a benchmark data that we collect.

An example of benchmark data for the MATLAB feature from Matworks:

2015-04-14 16_59_46-Log Report

The image shows date that is based on about 21 samples. We invite users to upload their files so more statistical information will be collected. Note that your original files are automatically deleted after processing, only accumulated statistical information is preserved.

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