OpenLM License Parser Version 1.23 Is Now Online


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The OpenLM License Parser is an online service that clarifies and analyzes complex license files and license manager logs. It highlights license statistics and helps users to regain control over their license manager’s inputs and outputs. Files are parsed within seconds, providing a detailed and informative report.


Yesterday, we published a new version (1.23) which adds a number of enhancements and updates for this service:


  • We launched a unique Engineering Software Catalog which is based on the data accumulated by the License Parser. While still in early stages, this development greatly helps users who want to know what is the mainstream license usage of thousands of engineering applications
  • The parser’s user interface was improved
  • Registered users now have “My Reports” option which displays a list of their recent report files. For paid users, these reports don’t expire after 7 days
  • Paid users are now allowed to upload ZIP files, which enables them to use large sized logs and enjoy faster data processing
  • Added a vertical slider to scale License Usage chart, which enables paid users to easily compare different reports
  • Added Sorting capabilities in Users and Features report sections. This way users can see the most/least active users or the most/least used features and compare them by different measures
  • Added Average Session Length and Denial % for Users and Features


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