OpenLM Maintenance Release: OpenLM Broker


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OpenLM Broker version

OpenLM Broker version is an official maintenance release of the OpenLM Broker version 3.0. It contains some enhancements and bug fixes to problems found in previous versions.

Upgrade recommendation

  • We recommend that all users of previous OpenLM Broker 3.0 versions upgrade to this latest version.
  • The OpenLM Broker requires an updated OpenLM Server version as well. Please upgrade the OpenLM Server to version or higher to assure full functionality.

What’s new in OpenLM Broker (March 25th 2015) ?

  • 2955:  OpenLM Broker for UNIX/LINUX configuration on AIX 7.1 does not work
  • 2962: Error message when trying to remove a license from CCL window
  • 2943: LUM commands: only first one is executed
  • 2165:  Implementation of LS-DYNA into OpenLM Server

Upgrading the OpenLM Broker to version

Upgrading the OpenLM Broker is fairly straight forward:

  1. Download the Broker installation file from the ‘Downloads’ section in the OpenLM website.
  2. Make sure ALL windows are closed; especially the services window.
  3. Install the new version on top of the existing one.
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