OpenLM Maintenance Release Version


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OpenLM Maintenance Release Version

Version (Broker version

Version is a maintenance release to version 1.7. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions. We  recommend that users to whom these problems may be relevant to upgrade their system to this version.

This maintenance release includes a more advanced version ( of the OpenLM Broker.


In order to upgrade to version

  1. Backup your DB file (Typically located in: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Serverdb)
  2. Stop the OpenLM Server service
  3. Make sure ALL windows are closed; especially the services window. Some of our customers experienced “error 1001″ as a result of not closing this window.
  4. Install the new version on top of the existing one.

New in version

OpenLM Server:

  1. Fixed in License activity: Counting produced an exception when the request contained a Vendor name.
  2. Fixed in OpenLM Server Configuration Form: Clicking the grid title when the servers’ grid was empty produced an exception.
  3. Fixed: Option file policy settings was not saved.
  4. Fixed: OpenLM Service doesn’t load on machine startup.
  5. Easyadmin – when there is only one option file it becomes the default.
  6. Error for SQL Server users when sorting by last user in workstations window (Bug #328).
  7. Easyadmin Active Agent window (EasyAdmin → Administration → Active Agent): fixed visualization problem in spinner field (Bug #329).
  8. Configuration form – crashed when deleting empty server (Bug #332).
  9. AD Synchronization feature – Users are enabled to select which attribute would be used as a synchronization field between LDAP and the licensing system (Active Directory, post or pre win 2000 username Bug #189)
  10. AD Synchronization bug fix: Synchronizing group names longer than 50 characters.
  11. Feature in EasyAdmin “License Usage” report: Show more details: server, vendor, feature. (Bug #323).
  12. Fixed: Multiple License draw for the same user and workstation is not reported correctly (Bug #335).

OpenLM Broker (

  1. Fixed Linux permissions problem in setup.
  2. Improved the interface of the license server detection process (Bug #278).
  3. Removed quote marks (“”) from the command line (Bug #27).
  4. A The broker command template is ready for the user at the beginning of the configuration (Bug #293).
  5. Use the term “OpenLM Server” instead of “Server” in the Broker configuration window (Bug #296).
  6. Feature: Facilitate global update of the Broker commands’ path to all the commands of a specific port.
  7. Fixed installation problem: Support installation on top of java 64 bit version. A 32bit version installation workaround is no longer required.
  8. Add pane to installation, explaining about the configuration tool, to prevent confusion.
  9. Improve the automatic detection of licese servers.

After upgrading the OpenLM Server version, you may experience problems with the “Licenses” window in the Easyadmin web application. In this case, open the “User Settings” window, click the “Clear Settings” button and “OK” for the problem to be resolved.

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