OpenLM Maintenance Release Version


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OpenLM Server version

OpenLM Server version is a maintenance release to version 1.8. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions and enhancements. We  recommend that users of previous 1.8 versions to whom these problems may be relevant upgrade their system to this version.

Upgrading the OpenLM Server

From versions 1.7 and 1.8:

In order to upgrade to version

1. Stop the OpenLM Server service

2. Backup your DB file (Typically located in: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Serverdb)

3. Make sure ALL windows are closed; especially the services window.

4. Install the new version on top of the existing one.

5. If prompted to do so, contact OpenLM to obtain an up-to-date license file. Please provide your MAC address and Hostname (case sensitive) for that. Copy this file to the

C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM ServerLicense   folder, and restart the OpenLM Server service.

What was fixed in OpenLM Server version (June 19, 2013)

  1. – 0000920: [EasyAdmin] License denials window exports only the 1st page.

  2. – 0000892: [OpenLM Server] Updating products/packages from xml does not work for smt products

  3. – 0000911: [OpenLM Server] LM-X license output not parsed correctly: 0 usage reported.

  4. – 0000895: [OpenLM Server] Audit report causes ‘Server error’ message.

  5. – 0000919: [OpenLM Server] RLM licenses not showing correctly after refresh.

  6. – 0000917: [EasyAdmin] Total number of licenses on the window ‘currently consumed licenses’ appear as ‘-99’ instead of ‘unlimited’

  7. – 0000799: [EasyAdmin] Wrong values shown in “Projects” window.

  8. – 0000915: [OpenLM Agent] Can not close unsaved Autodesk sessions

  9. – 0000894: [OpenLM Server] Feature version not recognized

  10. – 0000914: [OpenLM Broker] Add support for start / stop of RMS license server.

  11. – 0000910: [OpenLM Server] Set server default logging level to ERROR.

  12. – 0000897: [OpenLM Server] Export/Import buttons missing.

  13. – 0000885: [EasyAdmin] “All features” menu under option files does not show in easyadmin.

  14. – 0000804: [OpenLM Server] Exception when configuring passwords with special characters.

  15. – 0000864: [OpenLM Server] License utilization window does not work.

  16. – 0000836: [OpenLM Server] RMS Kingdom smt entries missing in license usage report.

OpenLM Agent version (June 19, 2013)

  1. – 0000916: [OpenLM Agent] Can not resume suspended Autodesk sessions.

  2. – 0000900: [OpenLM Agent] OpenLM extension are not installed in Autocad 2014 and 2013.

  3. – 0000913: [OpenLM Agent] OpenLM Agent windows are not saving their location on the desktop.

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