OpenLM New Pre-Release Version


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OpenLM Pre-release version

OpenLM Pre-release version was released about two weeks ago and based on feedback from our users we are releasing this second pre-release version. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions and enhancements. We  recommend that users of previous 2.0 versions to whom these problems may be relevant to uninstall the version and to install this version.

At this stage upgrade from version is not supported. In order to install version please follow these steps:

  1. Open the OpenLM Server configuration form->Advanced tab and export the system settings.

  2. Uninstall the existing OpenLM Server version.

  3. Fully remove the installation folder typically located in: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Server

  4. Install the new version of the software –

  5. Start the OpenLM Server configuration form->Advanced tab and import the file that contains your system settings.

What’s new in OpenLM Pri-release Server (April 7, 2014)

– 0001735: [OpenLM Server] Standard XML ignores multiple pools of specific license – resolved.

– 0001726: [OpenLM Server] In EA process/features window –> license release policy affects idle time reporting.  – resolved.

– 0001720: [EasyAdmin] System settings in the administration screen wording change – resolved.

– 0001583: [OpenLM Server] RMS expiration time reported incorrectly – resolved.

– 0001723: [EasyAdmin] don’t show fields – resolved.

– 0000967: [General] Enable SSL communication between modules – resolved.

– 0001529: [OpenLM Server] LM log must always be in ‘ALL’ mode – resolved.

– 0001229: [EasyAdmin] EasyAdmin shows compliance warning but audit report shows correct results – resolved.

– 0001647: [EasyAdmin] Audit Report should be consistent with Compliance Warning in Easy Admin – resolved.

– 0001621: [EasyAdmin] Denials: tab name – resolved.

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