OpenLM Partners with SEH to Provide Clear Reporting for License Dongle Users


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OpenLM has recently become a technology partner of SEH, a leading manufacturer of high quality netwo2016-07-07 11_35_23-Startrk solutions. OpenLM will receive exclusive access to SEH’s partner network, new innovations and product portfolio.


The SEH hardware ”Dongle Server” component serves as a hub and access point for multiple license dongle USB keys. OpenLM has teamed up with SEH to provide clear and accurate license usage and statistics reporting for license dongle users.


As part of the partnership, OpenLM now enables users (from version 3.2 onwards) to integrate with the SEH UTN license dongle server, in order to monitor license usage and availability and extract license statistics.

To learn how to configure OpenLM to interface the SEH – UTN license dongle server, click here.


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