Change requests – Managed as projects

The rapid pace of change requests in Engineering companies dictates the control of multiple projects simultaneously.

Project managers can no longer follow up on drafting changes with Excel sheets. Draft supervisors are unable to chase Architects and Engineers for manual progress reports.

OpenLM is already there

OpenLM is located at the hub of the action, monitoring license usage and activity levels for licensed applications. This makes the OpenLM license monitoring tool ideal for managing projects, keeping track of license usage and productivity levels, and allocating software usage per cost centers.

Dynamic workflow

Work projects evolve throughout their lifecycle, and draft requests stream in and are modified continuously. Organizational units’ members shift from one group to another, and priorities are set anew. OpenLM is ready for all that.

Dynamic selections

OpenLM can follow different policies for attributing software usage according to projects:

  • Project managers may practice a centralized policy, predefining project members and assigning priority to each project. In contrast – they can choose to provide more sovereignty for designers to define their own projects and memberships.
  • OpenLM may be familiarized with projects already defined by system variables (e.g. LM_PROJECTS) or maintain a completely independent set of projects in its own database.
  • OpenLM can be configured to with the structural changes in groups and departments. This mobility is automatically reflected in the attribution of software asset usage to specific groups and projects.

In short – OpenLM exercises maximal flexibility in order to accommodate the dynamic management requirement of various organizations and engineering disciplines.

And the winner is…

Your friendly Project Manager. OpenLM produces license usage management reports, attributed according to projects and cost centers. These reports hold all the information required for analyzing the organization’s licensing policy, e.g.:

  • Project and Cost center billing
  • Productivity reports on a weekly, monthly or annual basis
  • Activity of Engineering applications during license consumption
  • License denials and usage bottlenecks
  • Planned license acquisition and maintenance and
  • Required changes in license allocation

What else ?

In addition to that – OpenLM can be made to revoke licenses from users who have let their software become idle, and pop up license availability notifications. This forward boosts the effectiveness of licenses allocated to work projects.

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