OpenLM releases version 4.4


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OpenLM version 4.4 encompasses new features, minor interface changes and bug fixing for the previous identified issues.

Dashboard improvements

Visualisation and appearance

  • “User Idle Time” and “Recent App Idle” are shown in grey when agent is not online. A tooltip on shows Last Agent Heartbeat time.
  • License Type was added in Show/Hide Features window and refresh button.
  • Tooltip added on “Unknown” status in the Host Availability window.
  • Added “License Product” value to OpenLM License property.
  • Notification message appears in case of components with “not licensed” permissions
  • License servers with connection issues were not visible enough in License Servers Window, thus the server status icon size was increased.

Filter Adjustment and Correction

  • When clicking Save button existing filter settings were overwritten. Now the confirmation window appears before saving.
  • There was no warning about existence of a filter with the same name in Filter Management. Now the system issues a warning if filter with the same name already exists.
  • Workstation filter added in Currently Consumed Licenses.

OpenLM Server enhancements

  • Support Token Based Licensing required for “MSC”. Added Support Token Based Licensing.
  • Codemeter supports expiration dates and meaningful vendor names were set for codemeter.
  • “Recalculate License File” functionality added to “License Servers” widget.

OpenLM Agent enhancements

  • Added new switch “shut_when_products_are_inactive” for running Agent from command line. Old setting “Shut agent when products are inactive after x seconds” became deprecated and removed from UI.
  • Added ability to distinguish applications by command line switches. It’s also  applicable to Bentley SACS product.
  • Added support for Centralized products.xml. When Agent contacts Applications Manager the centralized product.xml includes all applications that were pushed and saved via Product’s list on local machine. In this version Agent can work in centralized mode or local mode.
  • New functionality was added allowing or denying users to edit Applications list in OpenLM Agent by setting up the corresponding flag during installation.

OpenLM Applications Manager enhancements

  • Added central configuration for Agent instances. Configuration on single Agent is shared to all other workstations if proper flag was set. Changes in Applications Manager UI are distributed among Agents if the same flag was set.
  • When adding more applications to monitor and there is license file restriction on that action, there is notification about it.
  • This version of Applications Manager was optimized to support triple the amount of load on the same hardware.

For more information about Version 4.4 please visit OpenLM webpage.

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