OpenLM Server 3.0 version API Changes


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This document describes the changes made to the API since 3.0 version implementations.



Part of changes that relevant to dates handling are already described in the blog


converting EnableFileFetching to bool


the type EnableFileFetching property was changed to bool in FileFetchConfig class


The class is used in:

GetFileFetchConfigResponse in GetFileFetchConfig method

UpdateFileFetchConfigRequest in UpdateFileFetchConfig method


new api added – supporting users filtering in CCL


The request of GetCurrentlyConsumedLicenses was changed to CurrentlyConsumedLicensesRequest instead of LicenseInfoRequest


The structure of the class is:

public class CurrentlyConsumedLicensesRequest : BaseRequest



public string ServerName { get; set; }


public string VendorName { get; set; }


public List<FeatureProductVersion> Features { get; set; }


public List<FeatureProductVersion> Products { get; set; }


public List<int> UserIDs { get; set; }


public List<int> GroupIDS { get; set; }


public List<LicenseTypes> LicenseTypes { get; set; }


public List<string> AdditionalKey { get; set; }


new api added –  supporting “include current usage” option in license usage


The following property added to LicenseUsageReportRequest class in GetLicenseUsageReport method

public bool IncludeCurrentUsage { get; set; }


new api added –  supporting SetFullLogging API method


public BaseResponse SetFullLogging(SetFullLoggingRequest request)


The structure of class is:

public class SetFullLoggingRequest : BaseRequest


public int LoggingPeriodInMinutes { get; set; }


new api added –  supporting GetLicenseTypes API

LicenseTypesResponse GetLicenseTypes(BaseRequest request);


The structure of class is:

public class LicenseTypesResponse : BaseResponse


public List<LicenseTypes> Types { get; set; }



new api added – supporting get option file content API method


BaseResponse GetOptFileContent(OptFileContentRequest request);


The structure of class is:


public class OptFileContentRequest : BaseRequest


public int OptFileID { get; set; }



new api added –  supporting GetOptFileFeatureValidKeywords API


OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsResponse GetOptFileFeatureValidKeywords(OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsRequest request);


The structures of classes are:


public class OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsRequest : BaseRequest


public int OptionFileID { get; set; }

public string Feature { get; set; }


public class OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsResponse : BaseResponse


public Dictionary<string, HashSet<string>> Keywords { get; set; }

public bool IsCustomValuesEnabled { get; set; }



change in FeatureProductVersion class – supporting license types and additional key

new properties added:


public LicenseTypes? LicenseType { get; set; }

public string AdditionalKey { get; set; }


The class is used in Request and Response classes of GetLicenseUsageReport method

It is used as dictionary key of the following:






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