This document describes the changes made to the API since 3.0 version implementations.



Part of changes that relevant to dates handling are already described in the blog https://www.openlm.com/blog/?p=2644


converting EnableFileFetching to bool


the type EnableFileFetching property was changed to bool in FileFetchConfig class


The class is used in:

GetFileFetchConfigResponse in GetFileFetchConfig method

UpdateFileFetchConfigRequest in UpdateFileFetchConfig method


new api added – supporting users filtering in CCL


The request of GetCurrentlyConsumedLicenses was changed to CurrentlyConsumedLicensesRequest instead of LicenseInfoRequest


The structure of the class is:

public class CurrentlyConsumedLicensesRequest : BaseRequest



public string ServerName { get; set; }


public string VendorName { get; set; }


public List<FeatureProductVersion> Features { get; set; }


public List<FeatureProductVersion> Products { get; set; }


public List<int> UserIDs { get; set; }


public List<int> GroupIDS { get; set; }


public List<LicenseTypes> LicenseTypes { get; set; }


public List<string> AdditionalKey { get; set; }


new api added –  supporting “include current usage” option in license usage


The following property added to LicenseUsageReportRequest class in GetLicenseUsageReport method

public bool IncludeCurrentUsage { get; set; }


new api added –  supporting SetFullLogging API method


public BaseResponse SetFullLogging(SetFullLoggingRequest request)


The structure of class is:

public class SetFullLoggingRequest : BaseRequest


public int LoggingPeriodInMinutes { get; set; }


new api added –  supporting GetLicenseTypes API

LicenseTypesResponse GetLicenseTypes(BaseRequest request);


The structure of class is:

public class LicenseTypesResponse : BaseResponse


public List<LicenseTypes> Types { get; set; }



new api added – supporting get option file content API method


BaseResponse GetOptFileContent(OptFileContentRequest request);


The structure of class is:


public class OptFileContentRequest : BaseRequest


public int OptFileID { get; set; }



new api added –  supporting GetOptFileFeatureValidKeywords API


OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsResponse GetOptFileFeatureValidKeywords(OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsRequest request);


The structures of classes are:


public class OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsRequest : BaseRequest


public int OptionFileID { get; set; }

public string Feature { get; set; }


public class OptFileFeatureValidKeywordsResponse : BaseResponse


public Dictionary<string, HashSet<string>> Keywords { get; set; }

public bool IsCustomValuesEnabled { get; set; }



change in FeatureProductVersion class – supporting license types and additional key

new properties added:


public LicenseTypes? LicenseType { get; set; }

public string AdditionalKey { get; set; }


The class is used in Request and Response classes of GetLicenseUsageReport method

It is used as dictionary key of the following:






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