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OpenLM is committed to providing high level of technical expertise and customer care, ensuring that all OpenLM products are efficiently and effectively installed and supported throughout their lifetime period.

The OpenLM Technical Support Package enables OpenLM customers to troubleshoot specific issues through the use of the OpenLM online web pages and the Technical Support interfaces elaborated below. This package provides customers with a sound range of diagnostics and treatment by OpenLM’s support staff, in order to resolve technical queries promptly and effectively. OpenLM offers highly skilled and effective technical support, ensuring that it is able to meet the varying requirements of all its customers.

Standard Technical Support

OpenLM’s Technical Services team is targeted to respond on time to effectively resolve customer support requests. The term “Technical support” refers to answering customer questions regarding installation, operation and usage of the software.

“Technical support” does not apply to developer support, on-site or online installation, implementation or upgrade of existing systems. OpenLM provides online and on-site professional services for these purposes.
Such queries would require involvement off additional OpenLM personnel, and would be subject to further pricing.

Technical Support interfaces

OpenLM holds an extensive knowledge-base of guides & articles on OpenLM sites. These resources include the OpenLM blogArticlesApplication NotesTroubleshoot guidesVideo tutorials and FAQs. We encourage users to use these resources, and find the answers to their queries there.

The Standard Technical OpenLM support package provides several interfaces for support. These should be addressed on issues that are not covered by the resources mentioned above, and are routed directly to the OpenLM Technical Support team:

  • The OpenLM Issue reporting system (Mantis) is the main customers’ issues tracking system. It is very intuitive, and it enables OpenLM personnel to better control suspected bugs and feature requests made by customers. Please use this interface as you first priority for issue reporting. A guide for using this system is available here.
  • Email: The OpenLM Technical Support team’s direct email is: Please use this email for any subject other than issue reporting.
  • Chat: An OpenLM Live support online chat link is available on the OpenLM site header.
  • Telephone: OpenLM direct telephone numbers are:

USA: +1-866-806-2068 (toll free), UK: +44-203-1292-513 .

Standard Business Hours

Standard business hours in OpenLM are from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday (exclusive of holidays).

  • OpenLM Technical Support targets 4 hours to initial response during working hours.
  • Support requests received outside these hours will be logged and handled at the start of the next relevant working day. Customers may also call Technical Support and leave a message there. These calls would be returned on the next business day.

Tracking Customer queries

  • All queries received by OpenLM’s Technical Services team are handled by the Mantis Issue reporting system. Please use this system for issue tracking.
  • Incoming issues are logged upon receipt and given a unique case number for tracking. Please quote  this case number when referring to the OpenLM Technical Support team. All communication related to the reported issue would be handled over the OpenLM Issue
  • After logging the query, OpenLM would acknowledge it. In some cases, OpenLM would need to obtain additional information in order to resolve the issue.
  • The OpenLM Technical Support team will determine the fault’s severity level based on the guidelines listed below. Response times depend on the severity level of the issue.

Information required when logging a support query

When submitting an email support query, please provide the following information:

  • Company name.
  • Contact’s name; Phone number and email address.
  • Level of severity.
  • OpenLM product name and the product version number.
  • Operating system version.
  • Detailed description of the problem, including any steps required to reproduce the problem.
  • Screenshots, log files and other helpful information.

Severity Levels

As mentioned above, the response time would be subject to the severity level of the reported fault. These levels are defined as follows:

  1. Block – System is inoperable. Work is disrupted.
  2. Crash – System crash has occurred.
  3. Major – Problem impact is high; production is proceeding but in an impaired fashion.
  4. Minor – Issue does not have significant current productivity impact.
  5. Feature – Feature enhancements requests.

OpenLM Customer Mailing List

All Supported customers are included in OpenLM’s mailing list. This mail contains important information about the OpenLM software, and links to articles regarding OpenLM Support.






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