OpenLM supports DSLS license management monitoring


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OpenLM has been dedicated to providing precise license usage monitoring and statistics data gathering for a wide variety of license management tools.

In the passed several months, we have witnessed the transition of Dassault Systemes’ license management system from IBM LUM to Dassault’s proprietary DSLS (Dassault Systemes License Server) system. Moreover, The IBM LUM system is meant to become unsupported by the year 2014.

This shift has produced a new requirement for the OpenLM Utilizer tool: Support of DSLS license management monitoring and data gathering, with the same level of service as with the predecessor IBM LUM.

We are happy to announce that OpenLM has produced the required modules to interface the current OpenLM release version (1.7), and support DSLS license management monitoring. This is in conjunction with the existing License managers in its arsenal, namely FLEXlm, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM, LMX, and other leading license managers.

Following a short survey of the market, it is our opinion that DSLS license manager monitoring solutions are a scarce commodity, and that this new OpenLM feature is a unique character indeed.

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