OpenLM Supports Even More License Managers


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OpenLM based solutions offer you a full and clear overview of your entire licensing usage across your organization. To help you achieve this capability, OpenLM necessarily integrates smoothly with as many license managers as possible. We designed OpenLM Server with the capability to compile generic licensing data for easy analysis by users. A standard data format makes this easier, of course, but this isn’t always the case; a workaround we have, however addressed.

Fortunately for managers struggling with their inventory of licenses in use among their staff, OpenLM Broker can take raw licensing data from many license managers and translate this into a format that OpenLM Server systematically processes, such that you have the nuances and detail you need for efficient and compliant use.

Our approach allows OpenLM to boast the largest license manager support in the industry. Our clients continue reaping the benefits of our system design. Meaning we can extend support even further, as we continually improve. 

Our latest product, ‘Broker 4.10’., released today adds support for JetBrains License Server, GEOVIA License Manager, and COSCOM License Monitor.

JetBrains ( is a renowned software tools powerhouse, loved by  software engineers. If your organization switched to floating licensing to reap savings, now you can benefit from even more by aggregating that data with the rest of the licensing information OpenLM manages for you.  

For instance, if your organization deals with geology, drilling and mine planning, you most probably have a large installation of software solutions from Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Inc ( By deploying OpenLM Broker 4.10, you can integrate these data sets into your systems too, for comprehensive, oversight. 

If you use software from a small German company, such as COSCOM Computer GmbH (, you are also covered. These networked licenses can be inventoried and tracked with OpenLM solutions too. 

We want you to be clear about how installing OpenLM Broker 4.10 offers you enormous benefits, not least cutting management costs and minimising risks associated with non-compliance. 

For a full list of benefits we can offer, please check out  our Supported License Managers page for full details.

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