OpenLM v5 – What’s new?


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OpenLM Server v.5 which was released in May was built using .NET Core, paving the way for cross-platform compatibility. Our customers have already upgraded to the new version and enjoy better performance and new functionality. 

Full log of bug fixes and enhancements

Along with v5 Server release, the latest version of Broker v4.10 also brings support for 4 LMs our customers requested.

JetBrain develops advanced tools for development that are used by more than 8 million customers worldwide. JetBrain is also the inventor of the new development language Kotlin that became to be the preferred language for Android application development. 

Geovia License Manager. Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA is a set of geologic modeling and mining engineering software applications developed by the French engineering software company Dassault Systèmes.

COSCOM LicenseMonitor. COSCOM Computer GmbH provides software solution. The Company offers process consulting, project, tool, CAM data management, DNC networking, MES software, and other services. Coscom Computer operates in Germany.

Altair Monitor is a license tracking tool that lets users and administrators get real-time insight into software license availability, usage, job status, and more. 


Check out all license managers supported by OpenLM.

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