OpenLM Version – Maintenance release


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Version is a small maintenance release fixing small problems found by our customers that upgraded to version 1.6. We recommend all users of version 1.6. to upgrade their system to this version simply by installing it on-top of their existing version.

What is included in version

Easyadmin – fix filter for License Activity/Released Licenses TABS (not working for lists criteria).
Easyadmin – fix multi line charts legend.
Easyadmin – fix loading saved query for license usage report when server or vendor are empty.
OpenLM Server – RMS – read license version. fix expiration date conversion to UTC.
OpenLM Broker – IBM LUM – status command – fix syntax in data_inquiry.
OpenLM Broker – Supporting periodic mode for data_inquery.
OpenLM Broker – Logging level – add to the broker UI and read more dynamically.
OpenLM Broker – Add restrat button to UI..
OpenLM Broker – Advanced setting, add path to i4blt and imutil.

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