Press Release: OpenLM – Switzerland Exclusive Distributor


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OpenLM LTD nominated Lenzinger GmbH as an exclusive distributor of OpenLM Software in Switzerland.

Lenzinger GmbH will distribute all OpenLM software products including:
OpenLM Utilizer
OpenLM for ESRI ArcGIS
OpenLM for Autodesk

OpenLM software is already in use by leading engineering companies in Switzerland such as: Alstom and Buhler Group. Lenzinger GmbH will extend the use of OpenLM software in Government Agencies, Local Government, Army and the private sector.

“Lenzinger GmbH brings a wealth of experience and success in the sales and distribution of technical software,” said Oren Gabay, CEO, OpenLM LTD. “The OpenLM partnership with Lenzinger will contribute to a much faster addoption of OpenLM’s technology in the Swiss marker thanks to Lenzinger wide network or resellers and their wide existing customer base”.

About OpenLM LTD

OpenLM is a licensing management software company with an international install base. Companies that use OpenLM software range from global corporations, national companies to small offices. OpenLM is designed with the customer’s needs in mind in order to to enhance the use of existing licenses. Our firm’s commitment to innovation guarantees that our clients constantly receive updates with the most advanced technology. Our long term commitment to clients is to provide them with the best breed of any tool available.

OpenLM Software provides a full and complete management solution for licenses management (FLEXlm, FLEXnet, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM and more). Our software provides productivity tools to system administrators, managers and users alike. The software supports the major trends in the field of licensing including license consolidations, usage charge back (usage billing), trend analysis and more. OpenLM also provides OpenLM Light version which is a limited edition of the full software and provided for free. The free software is in use by many thousands of companies distributed worldwide. Please click for our download page to test a thirty day no registration and no purchase obligation edition of our product.

We are proudly ISO9001:2008 certified by the ANAB (the U.S. accreditation body for management systems) and an ESRI business partners.

About Lenzinger GmbH

Lenzinger GmbH. is the leading distributor and integrator of IT solutions in the Swiss market, with customers in varying sectors of the Swiss economy such as public, private, military and defense, manufacturing, education and finance.

Lenzinger GmbH services includes:

  • Marketing of many leading software packages.
  • Marketing of hardware equipment for companies.
  • IT Services including consulting, outsourcing and  support services.
  • Software licensing and asset management.

For more information about Lenzinger GmbH please visit


Oren Gabay
Phone: +1-866-806-2068

Andreas Baumgartner
Lenzinger GmbH
CH-8340 Hinwil
Phone: +41 (0)43 843 23 45

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