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Did you know that the OpenLM Reporting Hub extension allows you to use formulas on different columns to get exactly what you need? Functions include value calculations, data aggregations, if-else conditions, data pivot and many more data analysis expressions (DAX). See Microsoft’s DAX examples.

Here’s a Use Case:

The license administrator wants to see if the company’s license inventory matches its real needs. He knows there is a variance in demand for licenses throughout the year, due to seasonal trends and changes in project timetables. He would like to maintain a license inventory equivalent to the single highest daily usage over the previous year for every feature. However, he doesn’t have this information in the standard set of reports provided with OpenLM.

In the OpenLM Reporting Hub, he has the highest daily concurrent usage (max_concurrent_usage) for each feature, from the max concurrent usage table and has the daily license quantity (max_license_quantity) for each feature, from the license quantity table. From these he can calculate the feature usage per day and then take the highest value, using the formula below.

Max Level = 100*Max(‘externalschema daily_concurrent_measure’ [max_concurrent_usage]) / (MAX (‘externalschema daily_quantity_measure’ [max_license_quantity]))

license utilization

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