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“OpenLM is exactly the software we were looking for”
“Thank you OpenLM team for your incredible product.”
“Thumbs up for OpenLM !”
“(OpenLM’s) capabilities have made administering the licenses a snap …”
“Thanks to the OpenLM team for a great piece of software.”
“Congratulations on an excellent product”


Kory Krofft, CAD Administrator,

Trimble Navigation Ltd, USA

“Trimble Navigation Ltd. Is a Silicon Valley based technology company with a wide product range whose core technology leverages the many applications for Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Customer solutions range from controlling earthmoving equipment and precision agriculture to fleet management and surveying.

Trimble’s engineering staff includes roughly 95 CAD system users whose CAD tools are licensed through a FlexLM floating license manager. It has been a long term struggle to properly allocate the costs associated with the CAD system tools such as new licenses and maintenance fees for existing seats to the proper departments.

Initially, OpenLM was investigated as a tool to track license usage so that the costs can be allocated to the specific groups within Trimble based on actual usage of the licenses provided. OpenLm’s “Groups” feature and reporting tools make this task as simple as constructing the report description. The output clearly displays the hours that each department is responsible for, making the allocation of costs simple and equitable.

In addition to the reporting capabilities, Open LM’s license monitoring allows CAD administration to easily see the status of multiple license servers and to remotely release hung licenses.

These capabilities have made administering the licenses a snap.”

Jorge Cunha, IT department – license manager,

Faculty of Engineering,

University of Porto, Portugal

 Work day morning. IT department received a complaint about Matlab licenses not being available and was asked to explain what happened. Usual procedure would be scavenging flexlm logs, building reports by hand and filtering the data so it would make sense.

Openlm proved to be a precious tool! With few clicks we were able to create a report on what happened and illustrate it with graphics. Even more, if the users wanted to see who was using matlab, and what features were active, it provided an online web tool that could be queried on demand, by the inquiry user, enabling them to get data by the minute.

The work stress was lifted from our shoulders and the users got the information they were looking for, and more.

Thumbs up for OpenLM!


Philip Nelson, GIS Project Manager

Land Management, Bord na Móna, Ireland.

“I have been using OpenLM for over a year now managing our concurrent licences on Citrix between four offices and seven departments. As we only have a limited number of licences available it is critical that I can monitor the use on and hourly basis to make the most effective use of the available licences. It also helps me with the accounts department to show that we are making the most cost effective use of licences and to produce detailed statistics on a monthly/annual basis of licence use.

At the moment I am not using the full capability of OpenLM to shut down unused licences but as the use of ArcMap grows in the company I expect to implement this in the near future.

The most useful feature of this software is the ease of monitoring licence use so that users who do not have their own dedicated licence can still use ArcMap on quiet days when the full compliment is not being used. The technical support provided by OpenLM is fast and always efficient in solving any problems.”


Dirk Linnemüller, GIS Manager,

Landkreis Osnabrück, Germany

“As a GIS manager in a public administration I was again and again confronted with the same questions from groups with very different interests. The GIS-users asked for more GIS-licenses, the financial accounting urged me to save money in the GIS-business. With the installation of OpenLM software these questions are history. We use

our licenses much more effective and were confirmed in our guess, that some users opened GIS-software when they started working and keep the license the whole day, just to have it ready if they need. Now licenses are freed up after 20 minutes when a license usage of 80% is reached and everything works fine. The financial accounting I can apply with statistics from OpenLM about the usage of licenses to show the importance of GIS-software. OpenLM is exactly the software we were looking for. Thanks to the OpenLM team for a great piece of software.”


Craig Robson, JBA Consulting, UK

“As for our thoughts on OpenLM, I can honestly say we are extremely pleased with it. Before we used OpenLM there were always broadcast emails being sent around the company asking ‘can anyone free up an ArcGIS licence’ – these stopped almost immediately when we installed OpenLM. We always suspected that people were ‘hogging’ licences (i.e. loading ArcGIS when they first got into the office in the morning because they wanted to use it later and feared they wouldn’t be able to get a licence), so we widely publicised the fact that licences would now be freed up after 15 minutes of inactivity.

..As you can see, after several months of use we don’t have any real problems. OpenLM is very straightforward to administer and works very well in the background without interfering with the users’ way of working. All in all, we’re extremely glad we stumbled upon your website!! Congratulations on an excellent product.”

Daniel Avramov, GIS Team Lead,

Environment Canada

“OpenLM is the most important tool in the management of Environment Canada’s geospatial software assets. Over the past several years, Environment Canada has been working towards better coordination of the Department’s geospatial tool. OpenLM has given us the power to identify and optimize the Department’s investments and is instrumental in the decision making process for the purchase and maintenance of geospatial software. Now, instead of independently investing in duplicative and costly licenses, we have been able to consolidate and save time, resources and money. OpenLM staff are knowledgeable and friendly and most importantly know the value of client service. They went the extra mile to get their software configured on our infrastructure well before we ever committed to purchasing the software. The software is well designed, very easy to use and the summaries and statistics it provides far exceeds any other software management tool that we evaluated. OpenLM is extremely affordable and the cost saving it provided in licenses has made it pay for itself many time over. Thank you OpenLM team for your incredible product.”


Clara Alonso Fernández-Coppel,

GIS manager, Tragsatec, Spain

  “With more than 800 seats of potential users for ArcGIS, we were really worried about the  amount of licenses we will need to buy to cover our needs. People argue that they cannot finish their work when there’s not enough license available, so we received a lot of pressure to buy more licenses. We suspected that in most cases, licenses were captive but not being used. Until we bought OpenLM we couldn’t be sure that we were right.

   Now we have delayed our purchases of licenses until we get real data for the need of buying them.

   At the beginning, people get a bit annoyed when they loose their licenses, but they see the benefit of it pretty soon.

   We have received a great support from people at OpenLM: quick, effective and friendly. It has been a pleasure to work hand in hand with them. We got help right from the beginning when we were merely testing the software.”


Israel Tauber, Director, Forest Management,

Monitoring & GIS, Forest Management, Israel.

“For a long time we heard complaints from many of our GIS users in the organization about the low availability of ArcGIS licenses. We considered buying two more expensive licenses, as we regularly did almost every year. However at that time we happen to be introduced to the OpenLM application and were invited to participate in testing one of the first OpenLM versions. We asked for the price of the software, just in case we ended up deciding to purchase it. When we heard the price we realized that we have nothing to lose. If the application would actually work as expected, we should be saving much time and money by using it, so we really had nothing to lose. The results were beyond expectations, in fact amazing. No more complaints, high availability of licenses and when there is an urgent need for a license, you can always see who are the active users and ask one of them to release their license. I highly recommend OpenLM to every organization, large or small.”

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