Tesera Systems cloud based licensing system supported by OpenLM


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Tesera Systems OpenLM WhitePaper

Tesera Systems – a customer of OpenLM has implemented an advanced cloud based computing & licensing system. FLEXlm (FLEXnet) licensed software such an ESRI Desktop software (ArcInfo, ArcEditor & ArcView) and Safe FME software is used by cloud instances or end user workstations over the cloud. The licensing system is managed and enhanced by OpenLM software ensuring the high availability and effective usage of licenses.

Tesera Systems is an employee-owned company that provides a wide range of quality services related to resource planning, analysis, information systems and environmental management. Our innovative IT and collaboration and infrastructure allow us to effectively manage and operate high performing distributed teams (required to provide the best solution). Tesera has branch offices throughout western Canada, specifically: Victoria, Penticton, and Prince George (British Columbia) and Cochrane, and Calgary (Alberta). Tesera’s staff have access to virtual desktops and secure, redundant and centralized data storage allowing them to operate as though they were in the office regardless of where they work from.

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