Well – The new ArcGIS 10.0 and 10.1 versions are already on deprecation schedule. ESRI has announced the deprecation of these versions, and blogged a plan to go with it.

The highlights are:

  • ArcGIS 10.0 is the last release with full Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support. With ArcGIS 10.1 we will no longer support VBA development.

  • ArcGIS 10.0 is the last release that the ArcObjects SDK for Microsoft .NET will support Visual Studio 2008.

  • ArcGIS 10.0 is the last planned release of ArcInfo Workstation.


You can read all about the updated deprecation plan on ArcGIS’s blog site:

Please make sure to keep up-to-date on the product and platform support plans. the latest version is apparently on:

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