What’s new in version 1.6 of OpenLM


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OpenLM is proud to announce the release a new major version of OpenLM – version 1.6. The new version  features an overall change in OpenLM software. The new version is much more capable, fast and built for the enterprise.

These are some of the new features included in version 1.6:

  1. Support for additional license managers (IBM LUM, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HSAP, RLM, LM-X).
  2. Support for multiple domains in OpenLM Active Directory integration.
  3. A complete rule based permission system added to OpenLM.
  4. Flexera FLEXlm/FLEXnet Option file editing in EasyAdmin.
  5. Improved performance in OpenLM Server.
  6. Users, Groups and Project management was added to EasyAdmin interface.
  7. Many additional conditions were added to OpenLM Alerts.
  8. Support different sample intervals for each license server.
  9. Compliance with the German privacy law.
  10. EasyAdmin quick charts is now available for the license denials tab.
  11. EasyAdmin interface to manage products names and packages.
  12. Integration of detailed user information in EasyAdmin.
  13. Better performance and many improvements in EasyAdmin.
  14. OpenLM Broker – new interface and new capabilities.
  15. Suspend and Resume a license server monitoring from OpenLM Server configuration.
  16. OpenLM EasyAdmin now also provides workstations IP addresses, if needed.
  17. Ability to ignore very short sessions for Flexera FLEXlm and FLEXnet licensed systems.
  18. Filter saving was added to EasyAdmin screens (Licenses, Active Products, Workstations, etc…).
  19. Exporting and importing server configuration allows easier transfer of OpenLM setting.
  20. OpenLM for Autodesk now supports OpenLM Timeout for Autodesk software.

A more detailed list is available in our blog. The software is available for download and evaluation on OpenLM Website.

For more details contact OpenLM Sales team:
OpenLM Contact form.
USA Toll Free: +1-206-203-2191

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