Software License Management Cloud

A single system of records for all license usage

A single, unified view of all your licensed software across multiple cloud services and on-premises servers. Automated license tracking for both cloud, token-based, network, floating, single-user, named and node-locked licenses Multiple views of the same data to monitor usage in real time or over longer periods of time.

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Get a clean understanding of license usage

From license consumption patterns over configurable time periods and sample resolutions that can be used to identify license inventory bottlenecks and redundancies, to license usage efficiency and reports of license activity of individual users or groups, you get all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Reduce software costs

Pay only for the licenses you really need. Plan your license procurement based on real license consumption insights provided by OpenLM’s Software License Management solution.

Stay compliant

License management is about making sure you're getting the most out of your resources, and ensuring that you meet compliance requirements.

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Monitor. Manage. Optimize your licenses

What can you do with OpenLM’s SLMC?

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70+ license manager support

Handles all license models including network (floating), node-locked, GPU (Nvidia), cloud and token (including Autodesk token-flex) and hybrid variations.

Accurate software usage information

OpenLM collects license consumption data from multiple sources so you can rest assured that the report you generate about the licensed software, covering activity, usage and accurate “True Denials” is always accurate.

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Reduce engineer downtime

OpenLM comes with automated license harvesting, executed in accordance with your unique software policies and business rules. Our solution will also notify end users of license availability.

About OpenLM

OpenLM is a global leader in software license management solutions for engineering and specialized software applications. Originally, the LDAP Connector was designed by OpenLM as an enterprise solution to solve the directory integration requirement internally. We are now ready to offer our stress-tested solution to the developers community.

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