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    Does a workaround exits who to create a config file for LMX license managers?


    Hello LicMaster
    Currently the only way to create/modify the config file for LMX is thru a ASCI test editor
    We currently have a solution for FlexLM Options files called the OpenLM License Allocation Manager Please see for more information.
    License Allocation Manager is currently limited to FlexLM, Our development team is working to expand its functionality to other products like LMX


    Is there a way to replace the config file used in BioSemi acquisition after the data has already been acquired? Essentially, if an incorrect config file was used when recording, is the data is still salvageable?


    Sagi Reuven

    Hi Randall,

    If the data was not monitored, then OpenLM will not be able to show you the data for that time.
    But, OpenLM has a solution for these kinds of cases, using the OpenLM All License Parser site, found here:

    You can simply grab the file and upload it to the site for getting some licensing information on it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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