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ソフトウェア ライセンス管理 101: あらゆる規模の企業向けガイド

ソフトウェアライセンス管理とは何ですか? 企業の規模に関わらずソフトウェア ライセンス管理が重要なのはなぜですか? OpenLM のようなスマート SLM ソリューションはソフトウェアライセンスをどのように最適化し、経費の節約にどのように役立ちますか? OpenLM は、世界中で 1,500 を超える顧客に満足されているソフトウェアライセンス管理(SLM)ツールで市場リーダーです。 お見逃しなく!今すぐ登録して、ソフトウェアの予算を管理しましょう。

Getting Started with OpenLM Roles & Permissions: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you new to OpenLM and feeling overwhelmed by its role-based access control (RBAC) system? This beginner-friendly webinar is designed to demystify OpenLM roles and permissions. We'll break down the essentials into easy-to-understand concepts, so you can navigate OpenLM with confidence. In this session, you'll learn: The fundamentals of RBAC in OpenLM The different types […]

Unleash Hidden Savings: Streamline Software Usage with OpenLM Core System

In today's dynamic business landscape, optimizing software usage is crucial for maximizing productivity and reducing costs. This webinar introduces you to OpenLM Core System, a powerful tool that empowers you to harness the full potential of your software licenses. Join this session to discover: How OpenLM Core System provides a holistic view of your software […]

Manage All Your FlexLM Licenses in One Place

Stop juggling multiple FlexLM license servers! This webinar explores how OpenLM empowers you to centralize and simplify your FlexLM license management Join us to discover how OpenLM helps you:  Monitor all FlexLM licenses in one place Optimize license usage Simplify license management Enhance allocation strategies Ensure cost-effective utilization Limited spots available! Register today and learn […]

OpenLM Parser – A Solution for Quick Statistics

Join our webinar to explore OpenLM Parser, a powerful tool for generating quick, accurate statistics from software usage data. Discover how it enhances license management efficiency. Key benefits of attending: Learn how OpenLM Parser can help you gain insights into your software license usage. Discover how to improve license management efficiency. Get started with OpenLM […]

Optimizing Adobe License Management with OpenLM

An interactive session about optimizing Adobe license management with OpenLM. Join us to learn: Why optimizing Adobe license usage is crucial for cost savings and maximizing ROI? How OpenLM empowers you with key data to make informed decisions about license reallocation? Gain insights into real-world examples and best practices for optimizing your Adobe spend. This […]

OpenLM Q&A

お客様やリードからよくある質問などをまとめてみました。 今ライセンス監視ソフトをお探しの方に有益な情報だと思います。 ぜひご参加ください。

Turn Licenses into Savings: A Guide to Smart Enterprise Licensing

Are you struggling with managing your software licenses? You are not alone. A study shows that about 50% of software licenses go wasted or underutilized due to inefficient management - which reflects bad buying. However, by implementing smart enterprise license management, you can save thousands to billions of dollars from your licensing budget. In this […]

Importance of Engineering SAM

Free Webinar: Don't Miss Out! Join our webinar on the Importance of Engineering SAM. Discover how robust Engineering Software Asset Management (SAM) can propel your projects forward. We'll delve into strategies to: Efficient software asset management Optimize software usage Ensure compliance with licensing agreements. Achieve cost savings through better asset control. Equip yourself with the […]

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