FAQ: Flexera lmgrd log file is very big - KB
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FAQ: Flexera lmgrd log file is very big – KB

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The lmgrd log file collects all license check out / check in activity. This log would continue to increase in size and as long as the licensed service is running.

The log is cleared when the licensed service is restarted.
This can be done via Flexera’s LMTOOLS UI.

On The “Services/License File” tab choose the licensed service. e.g.: Autocad.

On the “Config Services” tab – you can view the log (e.g: Autocad.log) and its path.

On the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab, use the marked buttons. This would clear the service log file (Autocad.log) and restart logging.

One of the advantages of the OpenLM system is that the accumulation of large amounts of data in this log file is made redundant. The OpenLM Broker is a component in OpenLM’s system which reads the licensed log file, and reports its content to the OpenLM server. There this information is processed and exhibited in a clear and negotiable manner.

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