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What is OpenLM?

What is OpenLM?


OpenLM Product Overview

OpenLM is an enterprise software system that lets you monitor and manage the use of licensed software products in your organization. Our core product OpenLM Core lets you monitor the usage of software in your organization for the purpose of verifying compliance with vendor licensing agreements, optimizing usage, forecasting software licensing requirements and maintaining an effective ratio of floating licenses to users. It can be deployed on your organizational network or you can opt to use our secured cloud implementation and be free of server administration overhead completely.  Our other products, OpenLM App Manager and OpenLM License Router provide application and license management functionality at your end user workstations. See the different OpenLM deployment options.

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OpenLM Core

OpenLM Core is an enterprise software license optimization system that lets you monitor the allocation and deallocation of floating software licenses being used in your organization. It comes complete with usage and utilization reports for management approval and decision making and provides recommendations of optimal numbers of licenses to maintain.

The core OpenLM product is a complete system that doesn’t require any special software or hardware or any additional components for you to monitor and report the activity of your software license usage. It can be installed by you on your network in a matter of minutes. In addition there is a range of OpenLM Extensions that enhance the functionality of the product and these can be added if and when needed. If you prefer to avoid installation altogether, use OpenLM on our secure cloud.

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OpenLM is an approved supplier of the United States Government General Services Administration (GSA)

OpenLM App Manager

OpenLM App Manager

OpenLM App Manager is a system for monitoring and controlling the use of any software in the organization regardless of the licensing scheme in effect. It is a system that allows you to implement your own enterprise software allocation policy. It lets you automatically intercept the launch of applications to avoid excessive usage and enforce distributed usage according to user group, location and time.

OpenLM App Manager gives you much needed control over license allocation in cases where usage is unrestricted and the vendor charges on the basis of actual usage made and in cases where there is the need to comply with license policies but there is no mechanism in place to enforce it. License admins will appreciate how this tool can help them in negotiations with software vendors via the usage data it provides.

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OpenLM License Router

OpenLM License Router

The OpenLM License Router is a software router for license managers. It can be installed on any end-point in your network and solves the problem of network configuration changes that can disrupt users’ activity on software that requires a license manager for license allocation. And it gives you increased control in implementing application usage policies according to the needs of your organization.

OpenLM License Router is a virtual license manager that receives all requests made by users who want to check out a license from the license manager. The request received is re-routed to the appropriate license manager according to parameters of the request and the definitions made by the administrator. This will let you change their IP address without having to change the configuration of the software that requests the license and let you easily manage redundancy in a license server cluster so that any failure in the connection to a license server will be replaced by the next server in line.

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