Efficiency 101: A Deep Dive into OpenLM New Agent Features


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OpenLM, a leader in Software License Management (SLM), is excited to announce the upcoming launch of OpenLM NewGen in 2024. This next-generation solution builds upon our commitment to innovation by introducing a range of new features and functionalities to our SLM offering. As part of this comprehensive upgrade, we’re also revamping OpenLM Agent with exciting new capabilities. The OpenLM new Agent features are all set to revolutionize how companies monitor and manage their software assets.

In a recent discussion with the internal Marketing Team, Petru Betco, leader of OpenLM’s End User Infrastructure squad, explained the new features and functionalities of OpenLM Agent – shedding light on how it is going to benefit customers.

Focus on What Matters: User Activity and Real-Time Insights

The new Agent goes beyond traditional license tracking by delving into user activity. It monitors processes, websites, and even USB devices, providing a comprehensive view of how your software is actually being used.

  • Process Monitoring: Identify idle software licenses and reclaim them automatically based on defined thresholds. No more wasted resources!

  • Website Monitoring: Gain insights into cloud service usage. Understand how long users interact with specific web applications, allowing for better cost optimization.
  • USB Device Monitoring: Track hardware license keys (dongles) to prevent loss and ensure their effective use.

What’s new in OpenLM’s new Agent?
Existing features New features
Process and DLL monitoring
  • Monitor processes running on end-user machines (includes process version monitoring)
  • Idle time monitoring
  • Suspension, Extension & Procedure release methods
  • Offline process monitoring
  • Monitor DLLs associated with tracked processes
Web monitoring
  • Websites Monitoring
  • Discovered web services functionality
USB device monitoring
  • Track USB devices based on the defined Vendors
  • Offline device monitoring
  • Add decommissioned or lost devices to the blacklist
  • Receive alerts when a blacklisted device activity is found

Offline Data Buffering: Never Lose Track of Usage

Even if your machine goes offline, fear not! The new features enable Agent to buffer data locally, ensuring all usage information is captured and uploaded seamlessly once reconnected. No more data gaps or lost insights.

Enhanced User Experience with End User Services

The End User Services (EUS) are not a new part of the Agent, but their role remains a crucial aspect of the updated Agent. The EUS interface of the Agent enables you to:

  • Manage Agent settings like log level and real-time log viewing.
  • Update ArcGIS product licensing levels.
  • Assign projects to specific software usage for accurate cost allocation.
  • Reopen automatically closed processes triggered by license release.
  • View saved project files and screenshots for better session context.

OpenLM New Agent Updates: A Powerful Ally for Increased Efficiency

By providing a holistic view of software usage, the OpenLM new Agent features empower you to:

  • Optimize Software Costs: Identify underutilized licenses for potential savings.
  • Improve Budgeting and Forecasting: Gain insights into actual resource consumption for informed decision-making.
  • Streamline Workflows: Simplify license management tasks with automated features.

As businesses navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, solutions like OpenLM NewGen create a path to smarter license management. Embracing these innovations like OpenLM Agent enhancements isn’t just about managing software—it’s about transforming how we work, one license at a time.

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