OpenLM for Adobe License Tracking: How to Gain Full Visibility


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Ever felt frustrated for not being able to track your Adobe licenses? You are not alone; this is a common concern faced by organizations across industries. It is a widespread practice among Adobe users to purchase a few named-user Adobe licenses without going for a team subscription to save on expenses. But, this makes it impossible to reassign idle Adobe licenses to other users. As a result, these companies often fall victim to wasted Adobe licenses, leading to compliance risks.

However, this is not something inevitable. With OpenLM for Adobe license tracking, you can gain complete control over your Adobe license usage. Here, OpenLM gives you the power to:

  • Reduce Wastage: Organizations want to manage the unproductive use of Adobe licenses. With OpenLM, you can identify users who rarely use the licenses or don’t use them at all. Thus, OpenLM reports can help you either remove the inactive users, or reassign or reduce the contract.
  • Say Goodbye to Guesswork: It’s high time to stop relying on memory or guesswork when it comes to tracking Adobe license allocation and usage. OpenLM keeps all the crucial data regarding your Adobe license subscription on track. Besides, our software also provides complex data on usage patterns, allowing you to negotiate with confidence and ensure compliance.

In this article, we will explore the problems organizations face while monitoring Adobe license usage and how you can leverage OpenLM for Adobe license tracking.


Challenges in monitoring Adobe licenses

Traditional software license tracking focuses on deployment, not usage. This means you might have licenses deployed but not actively used. With Adobe, the lines blur. Here, you need to track usage (are applications running?) to ensure compliance and optimize costs. Many organizations lack control over Adobe licenses, leading to wasted subscriptions and frustration.

Here’s a common real-life scenario to illustrate the problem.

  1. Users request an Adobe Document or Adobe Creative Cloud license daily. 
  2. If the organization is smart, at least direct manager approval is required for the license to be assigned. However, most of the time, the manager just hits the approve button and gets back to work. 
  3. License is assigned, and the deployment process is triggered. 
  4. The user edits a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or resizes a photo in Adobe Photoshop and then forgets to close the application.
  5. The license keeps sitting there assigned, and the application remains deployed.
  6. Adobe requests that the contract be evaluated 20 days before the subscription renewal. However, no data is available.
  7. Are the users using the software? Who knows?
  8. If you cannot track usage, you cannot optimize too!

The way out: OpenLM ensures full visibility to your Adobe license usage

OpenLM’s Agent, a lightweight program, tracks application usage on user workstations. Using it, you can get detailed insights into when Adobe applications are launched and stopped, and the total usage duration. You can leverage this data to ensure compliance and optimize the idle licenses.

While adding another Agent may appear inconvenient, especially when looking for a broad enterprise-wide deployment, the benefits override the hurdles. Plus, it’s not required to put Agents everywhere. Notably, the OpenLM Agent can be deployed smoothly and easily as part of the application deployment, and the License Administrator can get any usage information immediately.

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