OpenLM Case Studies - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Case Studies

Below are links to case studies – customer success stories of users who describe their experiences with OpenLM.

See how users tell of the value they get from OpenLM, their experience with support, how they managed the implementation and even what brought them to the decision that OpenLM is the product they want to help them manage their engineering software licenses in an optimal manner.

Array Architects

                                                       “OpenLM has been an essential tool to manage    and control the use of our licenses.”

Daniel R. Cadden
IT Director

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George Washington University

                                                       “OpenLM has proven to    save us time and money     and within 6 months it paid for itself.”

Wesley Berry
Director for IT Service Delivery

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Morrison Hershfield

                                                       “OpenLM has helped us manage costs during a difficult transition period in the industry”

Robert Welsford
IT Manager

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Transportation Experts

                                                        “IT had no visibility as to what was going on, i.e. they didn’t (couldn’t) know how many licenses were currently in use and by whom.”

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MKS Instruments Inc.

                                                        “I can generate usage
reports quickly and get answers to management within minutes.”

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Peggy M Garrett
Global CAD Manager

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Research Company

                                                       “After successfully using OpenLM for almost 4 years, an integration of the
Nvidia licenses into
OpenLM looked perfect.”

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