What is the Altium License Manager?

The Altium License Manager is a key component of Altium’s electronic design automation (EDA) software ecosystem, most notably Altium Designer. Altium employs a sophisticated licensing system to regulate access to its software suite, catering to the diverse needs of electronic design professionals and organizations.

A Brief Overview

The Altium License Manager plays a crucial role in controlling access to Altium’s electronic design software, offering flexibility through various licensing options. Altium Designer users can opt for standalone licenses (node-locked) or network licenses, tailoring the licensing model to their specific requirements. As part of the evolving landscape of electronic design, Altium has embraced online licensing models, providing users with convenient and efficient ways to manage and access their licenses remotely.

What is DSLS?


The Altium License Manager, built on the foundation of the FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) license management system, encompasses several features to enhance the user experience:


  • Diverse Licensing Options: Standalone licenses for individual users and network licenses for collaborative environments.
  • Online Licensing: Embracing the trend towards cloud-based solutions, Altium facilitates online licensing, enabling users to manage licenses through an online platform called Altium 365
  • License Types: Altium offers various license types, including perpetual licenses, subscription licenses, and specialized licenses for students and educational institutions.
  • License Borrowing: Certain versions of Altium Designer support license borrowing, allowing users to temporarily utilize licenses offline.


Altium Designer

Altium Designer, the flagship product of Altium, is intricately linked to the Altium License Manager. This powerful EDA software provides users with a comprehensive platform for electronic design, schematic capture, PCB layout, and beyond. The Altium License Manager ensures that users can access the full suite of Altium Designer’s features based on their chosen licensing model.

Altium Support

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Altium License Manager and licensing options, users are encouraged to refer to Altium’s official documentation, support resources, or directly engage with Altium’s support team. As the electronic design landscape evolves, Altium continues to refine its licensing solutions to meet the dynamic needs of electronic design professionals and organizations.

How to optimize Altium licenses?

OpenLM seamlessly integrates with Altium, providing a powerful solution for organizations looking to optimize their license usage. With real-time monitoring and detailed reporting features, OpenLM offers insights into Altium license utilization, enabling informed decisions on allocation and procurement. The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation, and the collected data facilitates compliance with licensing agreements, ensuring organizations maintain adherence and avoid potential penalties. OpenLM’s integration empowers users to analyze usage patterns, implement optimization strategies, and ultimately enhance the efficiency of their electronic design processes by ensuring licenses are allocated efficiently and in accordance with current needs.

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