What is Intergraph SPLM?

Intergraph SPLM, developed in-house by Intergraph CAS (now part of Hexagon), serves as the dedicated license manager for SmartPlant® installations, a comprehensive suite designed for concurrent usage in plant design. Predominantly used in the oil and gas industries, Intergraph SPLM plays a vital role in managing licenses, ensuring seamless access to the plant management software. Many users of SmartPlant still utilize older versions of the license manager, such as v.11.00.17, which runs as a background controller service with startup delay capabilities through the service manager.

About Intergraph

Founded in 1969 as M & S Computing, Intergraph evolved into a global leader in plant management software, particularly within the oil and gas sectors. Specializing in graphics software, Intergraph gained widespread recognition for its CAD system IGDS and later transitioned into software development. Acquired by Hexagon in 2010, Intergraph became Hexagon PPM (Process, Power, and Marine). Notably, the company developed SmartPlant® 3D, a graphics-intensive solution facilitating plant design, construction, and maintenance. SmartPlant LM, also known as Intergraph SPLM, is the dedicated license manager for SmartPlant, offering critical license management functions developed in-house by Intergraph CAS.

Where to download Intergraph SPLM?

The latest version of Intergraph SPLM is available on Hexagon’s Smart Community hub. Make sure to also consult the official documentation for the full walkthrough on how to install SPLM.

How to optimize Intergraph SPLM licenses?

OpenLM extends its support to monitor Intergraph SPLM licenses, offering functionalities such as minute-level report resolution. The integration empowers users to gain insights into SPLM license utilization, enhancing the management and allocation of licenses within the SmartPlant environment.

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