What is Chaos V-Ray License Server?

The Chaos V-Ray License Server, also known as the Chaos License Server, is a centralized system that manages Chaos licenses for products like V-Ray, a popular rendering software. It uses encrypted technology to provide an environment for users to manage and access licenses for their systems.

One key feature of the Chaos License Server is its ability to allow users to “borrow” licenses from their online accounts. This enables them to work offline without an internet connection or a hardware dongle for up to 14 days. This flexibility makes it easier for users to access and utilize V-Ray licenses even when they may not have continuous internet access.


Chaos® V-Ray® is a versatile 3D rendering plugin integrating primary 3D design and CAD programs. It provides artists and designers with a powerful tool to create high-quality 3D visualizations and share their projects with a thriving community of users. V-Ray is renowned for its exceptional flexibility and has been honored with prestigious awards for its contributions to the film and television industries. With its advanced rendering technology, V-Ray is essential for creating stunning 3D visualizations in various fields.


Chaos Group offers perpetual and subscription-based licenses with monthly or annual payments. They also provide a License Server for flexible license management, enabling offline usage through license borrowing and dongle licensing. The License Server has a web interface for browsing licenses and a command line interface for license management. While the web interface provides basic usage analysis, additional information such as usage duration and user data would enhance license management capabilities.

About Chaos


Chaos V-Ray Systems is a software development company known for its flagship product, Enterprise Chaos. It is a global company that provides 3D visualization technology for various industries, including architecture, product design, and entertainment. It offers intuitive workflows for professionals and has recently merged with Enscape and acquired Cylindo and AXYZ design. With over 700 employees and multiple offices worldwide, Chaos is a major player in the 3D visualization market.


Where to Download Chaos V-Ray License Server?

Users can register and download the V-Ray License Server from the official Chaos download page.

How to Optimize V-Ray Server Licenses?

For organizations seeking to optimize the utilization of V-Ray licenses, OpenLM provides a comprehensive solution. With OpenLM’s intuitive interface and robust tracking functionalities, OpenLM collects data from the License Server, processes it, and generates valuable and reliable license usage reports. 

Vital usage reports such as Currently Consumed Licenses, Historical Usage, and other helps companies analyze and make better purchase decisions.

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